achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is not only the strongest, but also the largest tendon in the human body. The main function of the Achilles tendon is to transmit power from the calf muscles to the heel and the foot.

It’s because of the Achilles tendon that we are able to stand on our toes when walking, running, or jumping. Even with all of its strength, the Achilles tendon can be exposed to injury. Due to its limited blood supply and the high tensions placed on it, the Achilles heel can be left vulnerable if harmed.

Possible conditions that may arise due to injury of the Achilles tendon include tears, ruptures, tendinitis, peritendinitis, tendinosis, tendinopathy, and bursitis. When trying to diagnose if one has issues with their Achilles tendon, a podiatrist will commonly check for any pain, swelling, or discoloration around the heel or lower leg area.

Different treatments for issues concerning the Achilles tendon vary, but the most common and most successful treatment for Achilles tendonitis is resting the tendon in a boot.  It is also most important to rest the tendon in the position you would want the tendon in when you are active, which is at 90 degrees.  That means that when you are resting the foot needs to be kept at 90 degrees and in a boot or using a night splint.

In many cases, your doctor may put you into Physical therapy for your Achilles tendon problem.   Now does it make sense to yank and pull and try to stretch ( which you can't do to an injured tendon) a tendon that is inflammed and already tearing off the bone or within itself?  NO, THE ANSWER IS NO.  IT MAKES NO SENSE TO TRY TO STRETCH OR DO PHYSICAL THERAPY TO AN ACHILLES TENDON THAT IS ALREADY INJURED. 

Do you think anti-inflammatories are going to help repair the Achilles tendon?  THE ANSWER IS NO.  ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES ARE NOT GOING TO HEAL A TORN ACHILLES TENDON.

Bottom line is that this tendon has the potential to heal in most cases.  However, it needs to rest in the position you want to use it and it will heal there.  Wear a boot and do not stretch. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain or discomfort involving the Achilles region, seek out the help of Dr. DiNucci for a proper diagnosis and treatment regime.

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