• Interested in Orthotics?
    Putting orthotics in shoes can benefit nearly everyone. When someone thinks of orthotics, they usually think solely (no pun intended) of improving the comfort of your feet. They do so Read more
  • How Do You Know if You Need Orthotics?
    If you experience discomfort or pain while walking and have tried to no avail over-the-counter insoles and at-home treatments then it may be time to consult with your Omaha, NE, Read more
  • Why You Should Consider Getting Custom Orthotics
    Whether you’re an avid runner or you spend all day on your feet for work, constant pressure on your feet can cause a lot of pain and damage to your Read more
  • What Conditions Do Orthotics Treat?
    How orthotics from your podiatrist in Omaha, Nebraska can help you and your feet. If you have problems with your feet, you are not alone. Arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and tendon and Read more
  • What Orthotics Can Do for You
    If you have foot pain, you owe it to yourself and your feet to explore what orthotics can do for you. While you may have tried over-the-counter inserts before only Read more

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