• Common Causes of Heel Pain
    Heel pain refers to discomfort or pain felt in the bottom or back of the heel, often caused by inflammation or injury to the plantar fascia, a thick band of Read more
  • When Should I Be Concerned About Heel Pain?
    A small pain in your heel can cause a very large disruption to your life. Heel pain can impair everyday activities, from walking to participating in sports or other activities Read more
  • What To Do About a Heel Spur
    How your podiatrist in Omaha, NE, can help with heel pain Heel spurs are painful, and they can keep you from enjoying your life. They are caused by excess calcium deposits Read more
  • Experiencing Heel Pain?
    Whether it's through orthotics, at-home treatments, or surgery, find out the many ways in which you can effectively manage your heel pain. From being on our feet all day for work Read more

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