drop footSymptoms of nerve damage in the feet can manifest in various ways. One common condition caused by nerve damage is foot drop. People with foot drop have difficulty lifting and holding up the front part of their foot. This can be just a weakness in not having much strength is lifting the foot up or in some cases not being able to lift the foot or the toes at all. 

Some other symptoms that can accompany foot drop include numbness, tingling, in the affected foot.

The most common treatment for foot drop is to be prescribed an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) which is a splint that holds the foot at 90 degrees to the leg and keeps it from falling. 

Foot Drop is usually not treated as something that can be fixed.  This is too bad because in many cases, if we are able to get to the condition early, we can reverse the condition. The nerve that curves around the leg below the knee is called the Common Peroneal Nerve.  There are natural adhesions and attachments to the nerve in this area that cause a narrow path for the nerve to follow.  Dr. DiNucci is an expert in this condition and if this nerve is freed up in this area the motor nerves will not be 'pinched' and 'compressed' and this can allow the nerves to come back and reverse the foot drop.  

Many common problems can cause a foot drop such as an ankle sprain, hip dislocation, hip or knee replacement and in some cases diabetes can cause the common peroneal nerve to swell and also cause the tissue around the nerve to constrict.  This causes an impingement that usually goes unrecognized and if not treated the motor nerve to the muscles in the leg die.  

If foot drop is permanent and has been present for a long time there are procedures that Dr. DiNucci can perform that will hold the foot up in neutral position (90 degrees) and help keep the foot from falling down while walking.  Some of these procedures are more complicated than others but Dr. DiNucci can evaluate your condition and recommend the proper level of procedure for your needds. 

If you have symptoms of foot drop, it is strongly suggested that you seek the care of Dr. DiNucci immediately. 

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