Orthotics, unlike typical shoe inserts, are prescribed by Dr. DiNucci to help provide your feet with cushion and support. They can also aid in correcting a specific foot condition that you may be dealing with. Conditions such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, stress fractures, arthritis, and flat feet can highly benefit from the use of orthotics, and orthotics may assist you in alleviating pain that often comes with those ailments.

In many clinics they will concentrate on making (and selling) you a custom orthotic that works great, but also costs a lot of money since many insurances don't cover them. We still offer custom orthotics for certain problems, but it is rare due to the invention of The Foot Chair customizable orthotic.   Dr DiNucci uses the best over the counter orthotic called The Foot Chair. This is the only customizable orthotic on the market today and is the best over the counter orthotic.  This mimics a custom orthotic better that others and is affordable and 100% guaranteed.  This saves the patients money and allows them to potentially purchase more than one pair and use them in other shoes. 

In order to ensure your orthotic is doing its job, it’s recommended that you keep a healthy line of communication with Dr. DiNucci and visit at the requested schedule. Doing this will keep track of gradual improvement and will allow you to discuss any possible adjustments needed. If you feel orthotics are a treatment option for you, we recommend you meet with Dr DiNucci for a proper diagnosis and to discuss how to improve your foot health.

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