Neuropathy is a term given when people have nerve symptoms in their feet legs and/or hands.  Frequently, people are told that they have neuropathy when in fact they have a nerve entrapment that can be reversed. 

Nerve damage can occur due to a number of different causes, including physical injury, diseases, cancers, infections, diabetes, toxic substances, and disorders. Nerves from any part of the body, including the feet, can be damaged. When neuropathy affects the feet or other parts of the limbs, it is commonly called peripheral neuropathy.  In fact, many cases of what has been labeled 'peripheral neuropathy' are actually nerve entrapment. This can be a tarsal tunnel syndrome or nerve impingement of any one of many nerves in the feet and legs.  Many people have the option of having these symptoms reversed or at least improved with taking pressure off the these nerves. Nerve entrapments can be reversed and usually this is not recognized.  

The symptoms of neuropathy vary greatly. Minor symptoms can include numbness, sensation loss, prickling, and tingling. More painful symptoms include throbbing, burning, freezing, and sharp pains. The most severe symptoms are muscle weakness, cramping, paralysis, problems with coordination, and falling.

Dr. DiNucci has more experience in dealing with neuropathy and other peripheral nerve issues than most other physicians in the Midwest.  With his experience and a physical exam he will be able to diagnose your condition.    Rarely, nerve tests might add to the diagnosis but most of the time these tests do not add to the diagnosis that can already be made from the physical exam.  Imaging tests, such as CT or MRI scans, may be used to look for abnormalities. 

Treatment depends upon the specific cause of neuropathy.  It might be decompression surgery, replacement of a deficiency, improve control of diabetes, etc.  If the nerve has died, however, sensation may never return to the area.

In cases where surgery is not possible or an option pain medication may be prescribed or certain topical creams may work to bring back sensation. Electrical nerve stimulation may be used for a period of time to stimulate nerves, and physical therapy can strengthen muscles and improve movement. Surgery may be necessary if pressure on the nerve is causing the neuropathy.

If you are experiencing sensation loss, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in your feet, you may be experiencing neuropathy or nerve entrapment syndrome that has been misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed.   Be sure to talk to Dr. DiNucci to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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