What Conditions Do Orthotics Treat?

How orthotics from your podiatrist in Omaha, Nebraska can help you and your feet.

If you have problems with your feet, you are not alone. Arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and tendon and ligament strain are just a few of the conditions that can affect your feet. The good news is, your podiatrist can help, with custom-made orthotics to help you and your feet feel better.

Dr. Kent DiNucci at The Ankle and Foot Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska offers comprehensive foot care services, including providing orthotics to help ease your foot pain.

Let’s face it, your feet are important. They carry you through your life. When your feet hurt, it can affect your entire body, causing leg pain, back pain, and a number of other uncomfortable problems.

Custom orthotics are made individually for you, and they can give you relief from many foot conditions, including:

  • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
  • Flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Pediatric foot conditions
  • Sports-related foot stress
  • Traumatic injury to your feet
  • Balance issues
  • Hammertoes

Orthotic treatment begins with a comprehensive foot examination, which may include an analysis of the way you walk. This analysis, known as gait analysis, is important because it can show how your feet are impacted by stress when you walk.

Next, your podiatrist will determine which type of orthotic will be the most beneficial for you. Types of orthotics include:

  • Soft orthotics, which can help with balance, and are excellent shock absorbers; they relieve foot pressure and are a great way to bring relief to diabetic or arthritic feet. They are made entirely of soft materials
  • Semi-rigid orthotics, which can help with pediatric foot issues and for sports injuries or sports-related stress on your feet; they are made of both soft and rigid materials to provide shock absorption and support.
  • Rigid orthotics, which can reduce stress, relieving tendon and muscle pain in your feet and legs; these are made entirely of rigid materials to provide excellent support.

If you are suffering from foot pain, talk with your podiatrist about custom orthotics. You and your feet deserve to feel your best, and orthotics from your podiatrist can help. To find out more about orthotics and other footcare services, call Dr. Kent DiNucci of The Ankle and Foot Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska at (402) 331-0221. Call now, and help your feet.

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