Benefits Of Having A Podiatrist

How your podiatrist in Omaha, Nebraska can help you and your feet

Your feet carry you through your beautiful life, but they are often overlooked when it comes to healthcare. That’s where your podiatrist comes in. A podiatrist is an expert at taking care of your feet, toes, and ankles.

Dr. Kent DiNucci at The Ankle And Foot Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska offers a wide range of medical services to treat your feet!

There are many benefits of having a podiatrist as part of your healthcare team:

  • If you have a sports injury involving your feet or ankles, your podiatrist can repair torn ligaments and tendons, and help heal broken bones.

  • If you are having problems walking or experiencing foot pain due to fallen arches or another cause, your podiatrist can create custom orthotics or footwear to help you walk without pain.

  • If you have a serious condition like diabetes, your feet will require special care. Your podiatrist can make sure you have adequate blood flow, nerve conduction, and circulation to help keep your feet healthy and uninjured.

  • If you have a common toe problem like toenail fungus, an ingrown toenail, or hammertoe, your podiatrist has several professional treatments including laser therapy, orthotics, and surgery to help you and your toes feel better.

  • Your podiatrist can also help you learn how to take proper care of your feet and prevent injuries, so you can stay active and enjoy your life. Taking care of your feet, ankles, and toes is an important part of taking care of your overall health.

  • When you don’t have healthy feet, your ability to get around may be limited. When you can’t stay active, you may develop conditions associated with being sedentary like heart disease, obesity, and depression. Good health starts with taking care of your feet, and your podiatrist can help.

You and your feet deserve to discover the benefits of having a podiatrist for yourself. To find out more about podiatry services, call Dr. Kent DiNucci of The Ankle And Foot Clinic in Omaha, Nebraska at (402) 331-0221. Call now!

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